Life is but a Dream: My Favorite Moments


So, as everyone SHOULD know, Beyonce’s documentary “Life is but a dream” debuted last night and it was EPIC!

If you haven’t seen it already – watch it here:

Beyonce’ allowed her fans into her, previously IRON CLAD, personal life and as a fan, I was extremely appreciative. Jay-Z and Beyonce’ looked AMAZING at the premiere by the by:


So, as I sit here and watch it AGAIN on HBO GO, I decided to share with you all some of my FAVORITE moments:

One, I enjoyed seeing her so vulnerable. It puts into perspective that – despite the fame – she is still a person and deals with the same trivial life problems that average people do.



I LOVED the part where Jay-Z and Beyonce’ sang Coldplay’s song “Yellow” to one another. They looked adorable and you can tell how much they love one another. Both of their shells were completely gone and we were allowed to see who they really were and how they really acted around one another.


This woman can SIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!!! Enough Said!


I’m an artist………..



I totally forgot about how AMAZING Beyonce’s Billboard Awards performance was and it was awesome to see what went into all of that.

The big reveal at the MTV awards! I remember when I first saw this moment. I literally screamed!


What we didn’t see at the MTV awards, was this shared moment with her husband after


And then the BELLY!!!!!!!! It’s amazing the type of person this woman is. Her daughter is 13 months now and she waited this long to put the rumors to rest. She waited until SHE was ready and until she felt like the media deserved a response. Haters say what?………



Beyonce’ actually said, “I’m going to go make love to my husband” I can’t even BEGIN to imagine what it took for her to say that in public. Then she played a clip of her performing


Then comes, the moment that we were ALL waiting for: BLUE IVY CARTER. She is a BEAUTIFUL baby girl





Well, I hope you all enjoyed my favorite moments! This was a beautiful gift from an amazing performer!

Until Next Time…

XoXo, Jada

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