25 Reasons Why the Dating World Has Gone to Sh*t

Based on my conversations with friends lately and my own pathetic dating life, I decided to comprise a list of 25 reasons why the dating world has gone to sh*t. Granted, most of these are from my own experiences, so they are from a woman’s perspective – sorry boys!

They’re also my opinion, so I wouldn’t recommend taking anything personal. Unless it applies to you, in which case, you should take it COMPLETELY personal.

Anyway, Enjoy!

1. No one “catches feelings”anymore


……until they catch feelings


2. Shower them with attention – they’re annoyed. Pay them no attention – they’re waiting by the phone like:tumblr_inline_mgmmo2jjUN1r73ga0

3. All of a sudden, 80% of guys are home-bodies who “don’t really go out much” and would rather you “come over and watch a movie”


4. You have to make them your #MCM/#WCW so they know it’s real -Submitted by Beatrice


5. Online dating has become a cesspool where 70% of people are either socially awkward, sexually frustrated or just really fucking unattractive. 06-things-single-people

6. It’s also where people feel entirely too comfortable expressing their “unique” interestsphoto-2

7. The people that think they “aren’t ready for anything serious” are the same ones telling you they love you after a month and how “this never happens to me”


8. People have unrealistic expectations  but justify it as “not settling”


9. People who just want to hook up, want to hook up until they’ve hooked up. But not long after will ask you”where is this going?”


10. Everyone says “i’m not the jealous type”…….until they’re the jealous type


11. Every woman is “independent” and “doesn’t need a man”


12. “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number” until it’s time for a 20 year old to have a conversation with a 40 year old about their goals in life


13. Guys want a woman that cooks, cleans and does his laundry without question but when it comes time to pay for a date, will scream “equality”, “partnership”, “teamwork”



14. You do everything that couples do but won’t throw a title on it so you can always use “but we’re not together though” as an excuse to get a case of the “fuck-arounds”


15. No one wants to admit that they have no idea what they want


16. Single friends get together and give their other single friends relationship advice


17.  Social media allows you to get to know multiple people at the same time which prevents you from truly getting to know one person because you have to remember what 8 other people’s favorite colors are and pretend to care about what they all like to do for fun


18. Instead of talking things out, you get subtweeted


19. Some single people can’t help but let everyone know they’re single. How many times have you seen this?

Yes-Im-singleOr this

When-someone-asksOr this

3e3404f7c5a994d67f49711039e41a6d2006bd2137a80d27402823bb7a46827d20. This happens…..

image1_621. Too many conversations go like this:

Them:”Hi. I think you’re beautiful and I would love to get to know you.”

You:”Hey, that’s sweet, thank you. How are you?”

Them:”I’m good”

You:”How is your day going?”

Them:”It was cool”

You:”Tell me about yourself”

Them:”What do you want to know?”

mrw-people-ask-why-im-still-single-4840222. A guy will ask you on a date, plan it, the whole nine. Then hit you with “Oh, by the way! Something happened to my car last week and i’m in the process of getting a new one” i.e. he doesn’t drive

tumblr_mbrrmw1lZv1qanpzp23. Guys on IG like this200Becuase they live like this

tumblr_m1f35aln3X1rsvwibo1_50024. Everyone lives super on edge with their feelings because no one wants to get screwed over

n5271496d0c59825. People try wayyy too hard to be someone they’re not while dating



That’s all I got! Feel free to comment and add on!

Until next time…..


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25 Habits of Cheap People that Annoy the Rest of Us


Before I begin, being “cheap” and being “frugal” are too different things. Frugal folks, though they tend to be just as annoying in some cases, consider the “value” of items when purchasing. Cheap people are just a pain in the ass, but I have cheap friends and I love them anyway. Here goes!

1. When the check comes at dinner, yelling out “I only had….” and proceeding to list the water and whatever appetizer you ordered.nervously-drinking-water

2. Coming to a social gathering, contributing a bottle of alcohol to the night’s festivities, then when the night is over, taking it back home with you.Kevin-Hart-Really-GIF

3.Inviting friends to go shopping and spending the entire time in the sale section of every storetumblr_m6lr33Ijen1rzgx8po1_500

4. Or commenting that everything is too expensivetumblr_mk2q07eQhG1s7dgwgo1_400_zpsfc28f9bb

5. Or commenting that you “would never spend that much on” whatever it is that your friend is about to purchasekim-kardashian-testing-out-la-florists

6. Driving on E while convincing the passengers that “I know my car”5a78b1a2d882e1e92993870d3c00f9e8-guy-is-in-love-with-his-car

7. Inviting people over during the summer and refusing to put the AC on when you can “Just open the window” Note: If it’s hot outside, then the air you are letting in will be, you guessed it? Hot too!1388990714720

8. Which brings me to driving with the windows down to preserve gas. Friendly Tip: The AC takes up more gas than driving with the windows down thing is FALSE. When you drive with the windows down, the air getting into the car slows it down so you have to exert more pressure on the gas to go faster resulting in you eating up about the same amount of gas as if you would have driven with the AC.airplane

9. Never offering to put in for gas, tolls, pay to park, etc.yNKR9ou

10. Never doing any of the things above, but always needing a rideshow-me-the-money01

11. Go to cookouts all of the time, but never bring anythingdinner-table-reactions

12. When you’re out with friends and expenses come up, likecab fare, using the excuse “I would, but I don’t have any more cash on me”oops

13. At dinner, talking about how horrible the service is so it will come to no one’s surprise when you don’t tipYou-Turn-Your-Nose-Up-Parents-Who-Ask-Playdates-After-School-Because-Your-Child-Fully-Booked

14. Or low balling the tipYour Bill

15. Or using someone else’s tip to make up for your lack of tip1390000070260

16. Bringing full course meals into the movie theater and making tons of noise trying to get it out of your bag, unwrap up, move it around and everything else to call attention to your grocery bag full of food

17. Continuously saying you’re “so hungry”  so that someone will offer to buy you foodtumblr_m0amp4Nji41r3ty02o1_500

18. Standing in the grocery line FOR EVER because you’re in a stare down with the cashier who won’t honor your coupon28rcoox

19. Just couponing in general!4PEcf

Confession: I’m actually kind of interested in trying this, but there should be a separate line where couponers can wait in line for hours together as not to disrupt the rest of the universe.

20. Purchasing fake designer items because you “simply can’t justify spending that much on a handbag”


21. Critiquing those who actually did “spend that much on a handbag”


22. Going out and continuously asking “is this on sale?”


23. Always asking for someone’s Netflix or Hulu Plus login


25. Conveniently being “busy” whenever invited to a birthday outing to avoid having to buy a gifttumblr_mesl222Jcx1ql5yr7o1_400

Moral of the story? DO better!


The Panel – Round 3: Thoughts on Internet Dating

Round 3: What are your thoughts on internet dating?

-Submitted by a Panel Memberthis.+is+how+I+feel+about+online+dating_bdff97_4403786

Mr. Always Right

I’m not against internet dating but I personally have never met anyone who had an actual relationship that started online. Not saying they don’t exist but I’ve never met them. Lot of meeting people, networking or hook ups. Nothing like old fashion face to faceAwkward-First-Date

The Free Spirit

Internet dating is still very taboo and for NO real reason, because most of you have met someone on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It’s the exact same thing as having a Plenty of Fish, Ok Cupid (Which, if you live in New York, you should be all too familiar with EVERYONE being on there), Black people meet, etc only those are designated for dating. “The Bachelor” and I met on Black Planet YEARS ago and we’re still really great friends. As for my opinion, I LOVE IT! It’s like a catalog of potential suitors. If I don’t respond to a message, it ends there. I can create a profile saying exactly what I want and have a bunch of guys message me that meet that criteria. It’s like online shopping – but for dating! Yeah, you have your crazies and you do have to be very careful because you never know who you’re going meet, but I take the good with the bad and it’s worked out well for me. A friend of mine actually married and had her first child with her long time boyfriend that she met on Myspace. I encourage everyone to be open-minded and optimistic.


The bachelor

I personally feel with the drastic change in how we communicate everyday as people with social media, internet dating has been more socially accepted across the board. Internet dating is not for me because I’m old fashioned. If you work 90 hours a week chasing your career and have a busy lifestyle sometimes old school dating can be very difficult to fix into your schedule. Internet dating allows you to tailor the type of individual you wanna meet “preferably someone who understands your lifestyle” and makes it easier to date on the fly.


The flower child

I have no issue with internet dating done well and with good intent. While I have yet to reach the desire to try it out, I can respect people who have used it to facilitate meeting new people or beginning a relationship. I hate to think society has become so enamored with the internet that we’ve taken to it to find our matches for us. It takes away from the whole social experience. But whatevs, I get it, life is chaotic and people want love without the hassle of having to physically put yourself in a place to find it. I understand too that some people are just exhausted of dating. These sites can cut the cost of time and energy wasted on total flops by simply clicking next or ignoring a message. However, from the people I know who’ve tried these sites, the number of creeps they encounter totally outweighs the number of winners. I mean there are people who abuse these programs and troll for prey. The internet is a scary place when considering you have no knowledge of who is on the other side of the screen. Deceit is possible through the internet and in real-time. I just feel like the internet can be so much more deceptive than me experiencing you first-hand and catching your vibes. I’m not against it, I’m just not necessarily pro-internet dating either. I guess you could consider me indifferent. I understand it’s purpose for some people, I just don’t know that I’d trust it for myself. If it’s your preferred avenue, no judgement bro.


Unfiltered and Unbothered

I don’t feel one way or another about it honestly. I know friends who have used it and gotten boyfriends and I know friends who have used it and got great fuck buddies. I don’t personally use it but I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Everyone lives their lives online anyway.not-listening

The Georgia peach

Online dating is great… when done right! Social media has made the dating world especially easier than meeting someone in person. On both ends of the scale it can be a good or bad thing. If you’re not catfish !!! There is a science to making a profile that attracts the right person. I would advise if a person decides he or she wants to meet up that you tell a friend for safety reasons. Online-Dating-GIF

The wild one

I THINK WITH SO MUCH OF OUR LIVES BEING DISPLAYED ON SOCIAL MEDIA FROM FACEBOOK TO INSTAGRAM AND ETC… IT’S A COOL WAY TO MEET PEOPLE. I’VE Met A Lotta Cool People online. The Real Question Should be What Are you looking for When You Online Date Are You Seeking A Soul Mate, A Friend, A One Night Stand  Or a fuck buddy.tumblr_lmqy1bF5IF1qfdqnno1_500

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The Panel – Round 2: “I’m involved with someone that’s involved with someone else”

Round 2: “I’ve been dating someone for a little over 3 months now and it’s getting serious but he is involved with someone else. I’ve fallen hard for this person and I don’t know what to do. Help!”

-Submited by Dazed and Confused


“Mr. Always Right”

Fall the FUCK back. Who is it getting serious for, both of ya’ll or just you? Cause if it was serious for him, he would have left his girlfriend and just been single and dating you. Listen, if ya’ll just gon have fun, or fuck or whatever then it is what it is, but if you want more you need to make some space and see what happens. If a guy wants you, he’s gonna do what it takes. Honestly, you dont really wanna get him by takin him from his girl anyway, cause if you DO get him what’s gonna stop him from talking to another chick once ya’ll are together..Same way you get a nigga you’ll lose him. So make some space and see what happens.


“The Georgia Peach”

“Move on! Easier said then done but your feelings count too. 3 months is not a long time at all . Someone else is bound to come along. In the meantime, get to know your wants and needs , so you can be better prepared.”


“The Free Spirit”

Ohhhhh boy! Been there, done that and there’s a 98% chance that things won’t end well….for you! First things first, what indication has he given you that things are “pretty serious?” Has he introduced you to family? friends?  Have you two discussed a future? More than likely, it’s a  hard no. You’re giving him everything that he wants, without having to commit, so he’s not going to. My advice? If it’s been over 3 months and he’s still with her, he’s NOT leaving and in the 2% chance that he does, it won’t be worth the constant worry that he’s going to do the same thing he did to her, to you. You deserve better.tumblr_m78khwpYgW1qhjvu5o1_500

“The Bachelor”

Warning!!!!  Before you fall for someone make sure it’s mutual. If you know the person you’re dating is also involved with someone else then keep in mind you don’t have that person’s 100% full attention which means you may be the “side piece”. Always do your homework before getting  too deeply involved or you will get burned!!!!!!!


“Unbothered and Unfiltered”

Umm y’all are not dating. It sounds like you’re a backup. First off I don’t know what your definition of dating is. Yes you can be dating multiple people but if you’re saying it’s gotten serious there shouldn’t be anybody else. Your best bet is to talk to him and tell him how you feel and see what he says. I feel like there’s more to this story then was given.


“The Flower Child”

you should feel comfortable to ask the, “Where is this going?,” question. Clearly, if he’s still involved with someone else, he doesn’t know of your interest in being exclusive to one another. Don’t come in intense asking about short and long term goals for your relationship and no ultimatums! You like this guy, just take it easy. Tell him what you’re thinking and ask him the same. If your stars align, awesome. If not, maybe your focus can sway to another “friend” as well. It doesn’t mean you’ve lost interest in continuing to get to know him, but at least you know to keep things light. When a guy wants you, I mean really wants you, he’ll let you know. The best thing you can do is communicate your interest. Sort of, a ball is in his court kind of thing. If he decides to play, then you’ve beat the competition! If not, then draft yourself a few more players and let him sweat it out on the sidelines!


“The Wild One”

-Took a different approach to the question and gave his perspective for if he was in that situation.

If I really cared about her I would give her an ultimatum. Either it’s me or it’s Him. Being a “side nigga” is cool only if you’re trying to have fun, but when your feelings get involved it’s a whole nother ball game. Triangles occur. Feelings get involved and people get hurt .


“The Sour Patch”

First, you need to talk to that person to see if he/she wants you in their future. Believe me.. you can tell when a person is serious or playing games! If they hesitate or talk in circles… Hmmm, you better leave it alone! If that person takes you serious, make it known that you want a exclusive relationship. So no extras involved. Now,if you continue to date the non-committed person, beware of the title SIDE-CHICK!!! Yea that’s going to be your name! Good luck on your shenanigan endeavors! 🙂



In a nutshell……chances are…..




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