Jacquelyn Belton’s Legacy of Love for Lupus 3rd Annual Basketball Game

Lock/Up vs. Lock/Down for Lupus Basketball Tournament

For those of you who may not know, my Aunt Jackie suffered from Lupus and passed away from the illness 3 years ago. It is still a constant battle everyday to deal with the loss of her, but our family and friends really band together to help push one another through it.

In her honor, we are currently in the process of starting a non-profit organization entitled “The Jacquelyn Belton Legacy of Love for Lupus”. In the meantime, we have been extremely active in The Lupus Foundation’s DMV chapter, helping any way that we can by contributing donations that benefit people living with Lupus and Lupus research.

Our dedication banner

This past Saturday was our 3rd annual “Lock Up V.S. Lock Down” charity basketball tournament. We had amazing volunteers from the Sudbrook Magnet Middle School Staff, The Baltimore County Police officers, Baltimore City Police officers, the Firefighters and Baltimore Correctional officers, all competing to be crowned this years champions and a chance to win one of the two HUGE purple trophies.

Here are a few photos documenting my experience:

The Stands
Mini Me and I
Game Time!!!!

Take Two of Mini me and I’s photo op
I was in charge of taking photos, so why not include some of myself

Fashion Moment: American Apparel Riding Pants $44 and Bakers booties  $90
Mi Madre y yo: My heart
Bathroom photo op.
Jessica and I, she does amazing hair and make-up for anyone who  may be interested
The Champions!!!
Jacquelyn Belton Legacy of Love for Lupus Personal Image
Last Year’s Team

The event was a success, and got us that much more excited for the Lupus Walk, which will be held September 29, 2012 at the Druid Hill Park reservoir. So please, if you can, come out and show your support for an amazing cause.

I would like to give a special thanks to my mother, who has been passionate and proactive in all things Lupus. She has continued to involved herself in any and everything that she can to do her part in helping those battling this illness. I would also like to thank Cousin Reah, Cousin Sherris, The Principal of Sudbrook: Ms. Ashley, all of the basketball players, the DJ, my wonderful little brother for keeping score, and all of our family and friends that came out and showed support.

So if you are not already, I urge you all to get involve. More photos of the game will be updated as I receive them. That’s all for now.

For more information on Lupus, how to join our team, and the Lupus Foundation’s DMV chapter, please visit here.

XoXo, Jada

Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) Post 2/Part 2: The fashion Show

On to the fashion show! Below are photos taken from various designers at the event. These were my favorite looks:


Short lived, but totally worth it, back to the ladies!


Finally, we had a special musical performance by Septimius-The-Great who, for any fashion obsessed individual, did a great song that left many of us humming the tune all the way home.

That’s all for now fashion lovely’s, my last post should be up within the next few days, and will be a LOT shorter. I hope you all enjoyed my shared experience as much as I enjoyed sharing it. Tootles until next time…

XoXo, Jada

All of the photos on this post were shot by me.

Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) Post 2: The Vendors

As promised, I am relaying to you all post 2 of Baltimore’s Fashion Night Out: The vendors

As I said in my previous post, there were TONS of great new companies that I had no idea about. These vendors sold everything from apparel to footwear to homemmade jewelry. I was in Fashion Heaven.

Here are a few of the vendors that I really liked, as well as photos from the event, ENJOY!:

The two beautiful ladies of Goddess Couture Boutique

Pieces from J.Marie Creation’S

Beatrice and Alexander Photography
The sugar Daddy Man

The Baltimore Fashion Alliance table

Manager of Party Dress Boutique
Party Dress Boutique Stand
Sole Unique Shoe Boutique Stand: Located at: 8511 Liberty Rd
Image Consulting by Sona Gray

Boho Designs; Handmade jewelry
Left to Right, Violesia Tull, Inga Davis and my dear friend Beatrice of HeavenlyGlow.Net
 I certainly saved the best for last, while at FNO, I had the pleasure of meeting a woman by the name of Inga Davis. She runs an organization called “Perfect Purpose For At Risk Women,” or PPFARW. The organization, in terms of what I interpreted it to mean based upon my conversation with Ms. Davis, strives to connect women through Christ and offers love, care and support to women who need it.
They are currently preparing a fashion show called “Faithfully Fashioned in Christ” set to occur on 11-11-2012. For more information, as well as, tickets, click here. Below, is a short video I recorded of Ms. Davis to promote her event:
Disclaimer: Please excuse the noise quality; it was extremely loud at the venue.


To be continued with the fashion show….

All of the photos and video footage was shot by me.

Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) Post 1: The Look

Fashion’s Night Out in Baltimore was a really great time. Although it didn’t have the glitz, glam, celebs, and posh storefronts associated with New York, it was still an amazing experience.

I did A LOT of networking, found out about some great local stores and got to experience the core of what fashion and art have to offer in Baltimore.

The event was so JAM-PACKED that this will have to be a three-part post. The first, is going to be about my outfit, the second is going to showcase the venders and the fashion show, and the third is simply about all of the amazing people I met.

Special thanks to Baltimore Fashion Alliance for hosting an amazing event and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the coming months.

Soooooo, on to my ensemble!!!!!!

The look I was going for, aesthetically, was a  modern 70’s vibe. I was inspired by the skirt that I wore. It was a maxi that I found at a Salvation Army last year that I never got a chance to wear. When I put it on, it made me feel fun, vibrant and carefree. I took that and ran with it. I decided to modernize it a bit by pulling up the right side and giving it a flowing drape effect. For the rest of my outfit, I decided to take a ‘Thrifted Thursday” approach. My friend Beatrice of HeavenlyGlow.net has a recurring post she calls “Thrifted Thursday”, so I let that inspire me as well.

First we have my skirt:

I paired it with my vintage Iceburg blazer; check out the pocket detail:

For Shoes, I chose my “Daisy” platforms courtesy of Wild Pair from Bakers:

And I put my Arm Party away for the night, so I settled for Arm Candy. This consisted of two chained bracelets that I made myself; one with black ribbon threaded through it. A burberry Nova Check watch and a vintage Jade ring courtesy of Grandma.

For my necklace, I chose a beaded Aztec style piece that I bought last year from an H&M in NY while I was attending Teen Vogue Fashion University: TVFU (I re-applied this year, hopefully I get in).

My favorite piece was definitely my Vintage belt; borrowed from a wonderful friend of mine.

That’s all for now lovies! Hope you enjoyed my look as much as I did. My next two posts will be up in the next few days, so stay on the lookout.

Tootles until next time…..

XoXo, Jada

Rickey Smiley and Ray J Watch Party

Bonjour mes amis,

This past Saturday a really great friend of mine, Beatrice of HeavenlyGlow, invited me to attend a watch party for Rickey Smiley’s new television show on TV One entitled, “The Rickey Smiley Show”. The party was thrown by 92Q and was a rather intimate and exciting occasion.

During the event, we got a chance to preview one of the episodes from The Rickey Smiley Show, which was HILARIOUS, by the way. Dinner consisting of grilled salmon, asparagus, and ceasar salad was served (absolutely DELISH!), and it was nice to see Rickey and Ray J (who is a re-occurring main character on the show) up close, personal, and in their element.

Full House previewing the show
Left to Right: Beatrice, Fanta (This amazing young woman that we met at the party)
and Me

Left to Right: Ray J, Beatrice, Donald Manuel of the Baltimore Times, Me, and Rickey Smiley

Looking at the photos from the event made me realize one crucial aspect about myself (Totally off topic): I have spent my entire summer gorging like a carnivorous pig, and I am going on a SERIOUS “Get Fit” trip. Updates on this journey will surely be posted ASAP: Gym time anyone? How Very?

That’s about it for now fashion lovelys!

Until next time….

XoXo -Jada