VINTAGE FEVER: I heart Blazers!

So lovelys!

Today I would like to discuss with you all the absolute BEST METHOD OF SHOPPING EVER:………….THRIFTING!!!!!!!
Ok, so for starters, many of you may be thinking, “YUCK! Who wants to wear other people’s things?” Well, my answer to that dearies is, if someone gives up a $3200 vintage Chanel bag to charity and someone finds it in a thrift store; The answer is ME! and most likely, all of you too!
As you all will come to know, I am a blazer whore. Not fanatic, not obsessor, not collector, a BLAZER WHORE! I eat sleep and BREATHE blazers! They are the absolute PERFECT element to any ensemble! I wear them with maxis, shorts, pants, cocktail dresses, rompers, EVERYTHING! I HEART BLAZERS!!!
Now, for a really nice, trendy blazer, you would assume that you would have to visit the closest H&M, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, etc.
Well, my sweet little lovelys, you are WRONG! I have accumulated quite the little collection, and ALL of them have come from either family members or thrift stores! The most I have EVER spent on a blazer is $20 AND it is a vintage Givenchy piece AND it came with a SKIRT!!
So, I encourage all of you to head out to your nearest thrift store, salvation army, goodwill, ANY store that sells second-hand goods and go INSANE! It is definitely worth it.
Also, please be mindful that Fashion is a giant ever-turning cycle and that EVRY style is repeated. So you are almost ALWAYS guaranteed to find something worth your while. Also, try to wash/ dry clean your items BEFORE you wear them. Especially shirts and bottoms. You don’t want to ASSUME that they were done so by previous owners. Well sweeties, thats all for now! Tootles until next time………….
Oh! And below are three of my most recent purchases; enjoy!
Vintage pinstripe blazer found at Goodwill in Baltimore, MD $6.00
Vintage Givenchy Blazer and Skirt found at Value Village thrift store in Baltimore, Md $20.00 for BOTH!

Vintage Blazer found at Goodwill in Port Charlotte, Florida $1.50

3 thoughts on “VINTAGE FEVER: I heart Blazers!

  1. I love this!!! Blazers can def give an extra .:omph:. to an outfit, and people give thrift stores such a bad rap. I try to hit one at least twice a month. Great finds!

  2. The blazers are amazing. I love the one that you are wearing the most. Great post. I personally try to thrift twice a month. I'll take a trend, write it down, and then head to the thrift store. It's a great way to find a look for

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