Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

FINALLY, the season that I have been waiting for is just around the corner, and along with it, comes an entirely new fall wardrobe. So, what do I have my eye on? Black, Leather and Everything spiked, of course.

Before I begin showing you all exactly what I have my eye on, I should remind you all that my style consists of neutral tones, spikes, funky patterns, a red lip and an overall tailored look with a splash of grit and grunge.

TopShop is one of my all time favorite stores, but then again, I love almost anything derived from London. Right now, they are running this amazing Grunge campaign, prepping for fall. A few of the items I have my eye on are:

Animal Midi Bodycon Dress $64.00

Folded Lapel Jacket $110.00

Petite Gold Jacquard Trousers $90.00
Moto Striped Leigh Jeans $80.00
Lips in All About Me $15.00
I’m a sucker for a Rouge lip.
Studded PU Cuff Bracelet $25.00

Supreme Extreme Platform Shoes $176.00
Normally, I wouldn’t pay so much for a simple platform pump, but this

Now we’re off to Pixie Market. They specialize in a kind of MOD (Model off duty) look. They often feature really relaxed looks.
Pixie Market is for the Alexander Wang obsessed woman
on a pretty lenient budget.

Two items that I have my eye on from here are:

Noir Midi Dress $52.00
Gold Scarf Print Top $42.00 (Moschino inspiration, anyone?)

Ok, so for those of you who don’t know; Lane Bryant is re-vamping their entire brand aesthetic. They are planning to offer trendier items for plus sized women. Considering that I am right at the tip between regular and plus size, I am afforded the opportunity to shop at both. So, I was in Lane Bryant the other day, and I stumbled upon a poster of an outfit from thier new campaign. Needless to say, I WANT THE ENTIRE THING!

Not Yet Released. (The houndstooth cape, leather inset skirt and striped
long sleeve tee, are all MUST HAVES for me. I will stalk the site faithfully
until the release.

I saved the best for last, my absolute favorite UK based store…..

River Island Peplum Pencil Dress $68.12

Asos Skinny Crop Pant $37.47
ASOS Button Front Sculpted Coat $144.76
ASOS Body-Concious Dress in Monochrome Aztec Print $37.47

Reverse High Neck Foil Print Dress $76.64 (I would never wear this, but I love it!)
Lipsy Bandeau Peplum Dress $93.67 (Worth the Splurge)
ASOS Cyclone Biker Boots $76.64
ASOS Abandon Platform Leather $144.76

That’s about all for now. I’ll be sure to post photos as I begin to compile my fall Wardrobe. Until next time…..

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