#PhuckYoApologies: We’re officially UnApologetic (777 Tour)

Rihanna’s album was officially released yesterday, and of COURSE I purchased it like every other Rihanna album



I must admit, I had way higher expectations for this album. It fell really flat for me. Almost as if she rushed to put an album out just for the sake of doing so. I’m so accustomed to gritty, uncut, REAL albums from Rihanna. Meaning, you can normally feel her soul through her music. I didn’t get that with this album. Some may argue that she is growing as an artist and expanding her craft, but this album was a bit all over the place to me. There were beats with ADHD, moods were all over the place, it was pretty messy: NO COHESION. Not to mention, I found myself getting increasingly irritated when I was listening to the album in my car and discovered that I was already halfway through the album and still didn’t have a favorite song.

Nonetheless, I still like Rihanna and enjoy her music. Since i’m not too excited about the album anymore, i’ve decided to showcase how awesome she is looking on this 777 Tour (Photos courtesy of Just Jared!)

Well, while i’m not admiring Rihanna artistically, I am LOVING her stylistically!

That’s all for now. Feel free to express your view on the album

XoXo, Jada

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