A Beautifully Scary Controversy: THE SHOE!

Let me start off by saying that when my mom called me into her room first thing yesterday morning, I was LESS THAN pleased. She kept yelling, “you HAVE to see this, hurry up, you NEED to see this”. I somehow maneuvered myself out of bed and I was ultimately pretty glad that I did.

Leanie van der Vyver, a student from South Africa, created a pair of “Scary Beautiful” shoes as a statement. These babies are inverted, sky high heel and look IMPOSSIBLE to walk in.

A website called “Design Indaba” , a creativity based platform that aims to create a better world through art, stated that:

“Leanie van der Vyver’s Scary Beautiful shoes evoke a conversation about notions of fashion, perfection and beauty, and asks at what point do we start creating monsters.”

So, back to yesterday morning. Mom rewound a segment of one of those morning shows and this is the video that I saw. I COULD NOT stop laughing!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ok, no seriously. The message here is certainly a strong one. The model is in pain and I do agree that it reflects the things that we go through as fashionistas to maintain trends and to upkeep our image.

I encourage everyone to visit Design Indaba for other creatively striking videos! If I find more, I will post as I go.

XoXo, Jada

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