Beyonce’; The Courtside Chic Superwife

It is no secret that Jay-Z and Beyonce’ are one of the world’s largest and most sought out power couples. Their relationship is almost “fairytale like” with the increasingly evident amount of support that they provide to one another. I am secretly (I guess not so much anymore) a HUGE sports buff, so tonight, I watched an incredible face-off between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets (Jay-Z’s team). Even with the game being incredibly close the entire time, it was those slight moments where the camera captured Beyonce’ where my heart stopped and my adrenaline went into overdrive. I have been a Beyonce’ fan for years, so this inspired a post featuring a compilation of her amazingly chic courtside looks. She is an international superstar, style icon, and new mother, yet always finds time to remain a supportive wife. So, let’s delve into a few of her looks.

They won tonight btw 96-89

From Today’s Game:


From Other Games:

Tear, I just love their chemistry! Beyonce’ is always AMAZINGLY amazing! Later on in the week, I am planning on doing one of Beyonce’s amazing looks for less, so stay tuned loves.

XoXo, Jada
Source: Photos extracted from Google Images