Fashionable Causes: Hobo Couture Charity Photoshoot

I joined a meetup group called Fashionable Causes in Baltimore, and last Saturday they hosted a charity photoshoot. Anyone who attended donated $5.00 and the proceeds went to Children’s Cancer Research. It was a great event, in that I got a chance to take some awesome outfit of the day photos with Beatrice of and I also got a chance to meet the group for the first time, unfortunately, I couldn’t stay until the photoshoot started because Beatrice and I had to head to DC for the Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Expo, but I was still really glad that I went.

Here are my Outfit of the Day photos and a few other fun ones:

I’m wearing a black long sleeved top from H&M, Black Cargo Pants from Express, A leather vest with shearling lining from an estate sale, Assorted bracelets from my ArmCandy Post, Cyber lipstck from MAC, ALDO Multichain Necklace , ALDO Swarovski studs, CottonOn Sunglasses and Trouve’ Booties

Here are a few photos from the Fashionable Causes Meetup page. The following photos were not taken by me, nor do I claim ownership of them.

The Models are: Ariel, Sabrina, Salve and Victoria, Photographers are: AHB Photography, DLM Photography, and Michael T. Photography. Make-up: Roya

Top to Bottom: Victoria, Sabrina and Salve

Salve has KILLER bone structure and her eyes lure you in. She has such a beautiful uniqueness about her.

I Adore Ariel! She has this effortlessness about her posing. Her look is exotic and intriguing.

Ariel Again, I would have added all of the photos of this chick if I could. She’s Ah-May-Zing!

Next up is Victoria, I am LOVING this shot! The hair, the boots and the pose are EVERYTHING!

SABRINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is high fashion model written all over this chick. I honestly think that she could waltz into any modeling agency in New York and get hired. Her look is s dark and quirky, there’s no way that it doesn’t work.

The group (Left to Right): Victoria, Sabrina (top middle), Ariel (Bottom middle) and Salve

Overall, I think that the photos came out GREAT! I do wish that they had a few stylists attend, just to clean up some of the looks and make them look a little more “from the runway”, but in a nutshell, I like! Can’t wait for the next event.

Thats all for now

XoXo, Jada

Kim Kardashian: Look for Less- Classic Chic

Whether you love her or hate her, you still have to give it up to Kim K for her amazing style! I love the way that she constructs her ensembles. They always have this effortlessly chic aura about them. In honor of Kim K’s big 3-2, I’ve decided to feature the fashionista in a look for less post.

If you know me and are familiar with my style aesthetic, then you know that I am OBSESSED with classic looks/colors with a hint of HARSH, i.e. a seemingly simplistic ensemble with a spiked boot or a red lip are signatures for me. With that being said, I chose two of Kim K’s more recent looks that stuck out to me and are aligned with my style that would not be hard to replicate:

Taking her new Kitten to the Vet. I adore the ankle length pants.

Airport photo op. LOVING the Gold T-Strap Louboutins

Then I went on the hunt for items that are ALL UNDER $50.00 to recreate the looks: Enjoy!

Look for less: All White Everything

Click on an item to purchase it from the respective retailer:

Kim kardashian's Look for Less: All black Everything
Click on an item to purchase it from the respective retailer:
That’s all loves!
XoXo, Jada