As you all will soon discover, I am CARAZY! about Lady Gaga, her image is AMAZING! Something like a modernized Madonna with a psychotic twist. The fact that she’s SO DIFFERENT and completely UNRESTRICTED makes her that much more appealing to me. I am SUPER EXCITED about the new Alejandro video. I love how she’s ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING NEW! Compared to her past videos i.e. Telephone directed by Jonas Ackerlund, a movie director and Bad Romance, directed by another film director, Francis Lawrence, Alejandro will be directed by Steven Klein, a fashion photographer. In an interview with MTV, Gaga stated that ALEJANDRO will be about Fashion and Lifestyle and that Klein understands her ‘love of the lie’ in art and her “I am what I wear” lifestyle. As of now, im PATIENTLY waiting for photos of the video shoot to leak! I know patience is a virture but I JUST CANT WAIT! Thanks but no thanks so American Idol for having Gaga on the show and cutting 2 minutes out of her performance. Us Little Monsters, Appreciate it! If you want to watch the full uncut performance, follow the link below.


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