Goo Goo for Gaga’s new video!

Gaga has officially granted all of her LITTLE MONSTERS a sneak peak of her new video “Alejandro”. I’m COMPLETELY SALIVATING in anticipation of the premiere! (Thanks again Eura for showing me the link), Anywhoo, this video seems to have taken a COMPLETELY different turn from gaga’s previous music videos. This one seems ENTIRELY dark, dismal and mysterious; all of which were elements in her past videos. Hmmm, i’m REALLY excited about what she has in store for us. Perhaps hiring a fashion photographer for this video instead of a film maker like her previous ones wasnt such a bad idea after all. I mean, she DOES have to keep us on our toes.June 7th CANT COME FAST ENOUGH! Anywhoo, with out further ado, heres the link to the peak of Alejandro!

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