GaGa’s Gone MAD!

It’s no secret that I am overtly OBSESSED with Lady Gaga, and that I have been COMPLETELY going insane in anticipation of the new video, Alejandro. Today it FINALLY premiered and I must say that I was pretty surprised. I expected this video to be different, but gaga, in natural gaga fashion, took it to an ENTIRELY different level. There were so many controversial elements she explored, The german nazi era, homosexuality, religion, fashion, art, and MADONNA!
Upon early research, i discovered that this video was meant to showcase Gaga’s love for art through fashion, and she achieved this with all of the outrageous and heavily controversial looks she explored but I must admit, I was a little bummed in that department, I mean, HELLO! Where for art thou couture?!
but in the end, I LOVED the overall video. I appreciated how she showcased homosexuality and her appreciation for her LGBT fanbase and I also admired her courage and fearlessness to grab controversy by the horns and ram face first into it. But I mean, its Gaga, SO WHERE IS THE COUTURE?! But, hey, at the end of the day, I can just wait to see photos of her boarding a plane for that. Anywhoo, for those who have yet to see the video, here is the link:

Photo from: Ladygaga’s official site

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