Sailing through Resort collections!

Yves Saint Laurent Resort Collection 2011

Thakoon Resort Collection 2011

Michael Kors Resort Collection 2011

Donna Karen Resort Collection 2011

Chanel Resort Collection 2011

Christian Dior Resort Collection 2011

Bottega Veneta Resort Collection 2011

Alexander Wang Resort Collection 2011

For starters: I HEART THAKOON!!!!
Since hitting the fashion world in 2004, he continues to deliver chic and innovative pieces. The khaki trench in look one is my new obsession! Time to start saving! Alexander wang NEVER disappoints! Harems, high waists and thigh highs with sandals are my new love, although everything did look A LOT like a continuation of his spring/summer 2010 collection, I still LOVED it! The florals and the color palette in Chanel was GORGEOUS! I swear, Karl is one of the ONLY designers that isnt sending me into an epic depression because of this recession! The way he explored so many different styles and design aesthetics was genius! He’s definitely my idol for good reason. The shoulders and many of the dresses in Bottega Veneta were lovely! DIOR made me want 1,000,000 mod BARBIES and i’m incorporating pink into my wardrobe every day this summer! The tailoring in yves saint laurent was HAUTE! I’ve never wanted a bandeau so bad! Donna screamed “I AM WOMAN, I AM POWERFUL AND MY ENSEMBLE SCREAMS IT ALL FOR ME! She is definitely a magnificent designer; one that knows how to construct garments that make women proud to be women while also making a statement that we are even BETTER than men. She is a designer I definitely look up to. Michael Kors? Was pretty bland for me, I LOVED the final look though, but then again, that could just be my obsession with chanel iman. Finally, I WANT BURBERRY’s BAD ROMANCE! Well, those are my interpretations thus far, be sure to let me know what you guys think. Photos By:

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