Let the competion begin….ALEXANDER’S HIRING!

So as I was browsing Fashionista‘s site, I came across the most AHMAYZING news!

The LOVELY Alexander Wang is Hiring! Lauren Sherman from Fashionista stated that The exec team is looking for 12 fresh faces, however they are not rushing the process to ensure that each newbie is right for the job.

When I found out this world shattering news, I momentarily died and went to heaven and upon returning to earth, broke down into a mental depressive state because I CANT APPLY (considering im in school and already have an internship lined up)
But anywhoo, for all the fashion lovelys out there, this is definitely the chance of a LIFETIME! I mean, Alexander Wang is an AMAZING designer and i’m sure it would be the experience of a lifetime to join his team. Lauren Sherman provides all the info on the best way to get your foot in the door. To see her post, click HERE.
I encourage everyone to at least TRY because you never know where you could end up. Good Luck My Gorgeouses!

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