Why get your foot in the door?, when you can knock it down!

[I decided to write in italics for this post to give it some SPICE because it was destined to seem dull. Funny how all the MEANINGFUL posts end up that way.]

Anywhoo, As all of you fashion lovelys know, the fashion industry is EXTREMELY difficult to get in. Its also very critical and completely cut throat. You know the whole “one day your in, and the next day, your out” Heidi Klum spiel.

Well anywhoo, i’ve decided to make ALL OUR LIVES a tad bit easier by posting a few sites that post available internships and jobs.

Fill out enough of them and you are more than likely to get at least ONE call back.

Good Luck Gorgeouses!

Click the word and it will direct you straight to the site

WWD/Carrers (Lucky us! no subscription needed!)
Teen Vogue (Gives internship advice from What to wear to how to deliver
Conde Nast (is in charge of all the top magazine companies, so if journalism is your thing, your best bet is to check here)
Fashionista (Posts very high end job/internship opportunities)
Free Fashion internships (Offers free fashion internships!)
Fashion Industry Network (Craigslist for fashion lovers)

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