Mastermind behind the Mayhem

Sorry for the delay in posts lovelys, but I had to get re-adjusted to being back in Baltimore. Whelp! Back to fashion! ok, so my NEW latest obsession (I know, they change like every two days) is none other than NICOLA FORMICHETTI’s BLOG!

For those of you who don’t know who Nicola Formichetti is, he is the mastermind behind many of the outrageous costumes that the illustrious LADY GAGA wears! A few examples of costumes they have done together are:

As you can see, Nicola is a MAGNIFICENT styist/designer. His blog is FILLED with tons of things going on in his world, a world I would kill to live in! Ok, well maybe not KILL, thats a bit too dismal, i WOULD love it very much though.
Anywhoo, he is a creative GENIUS! His work speaks volumes about his love, appreciation and understanding of ART. I encourage all to go check out his work. Its LOVE!

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