The time has come for thy season of COUTURE!

Chanel Couture 2010

Givenchy Couture 2010

Alexis Mabille Couture 2010

Elie Saab Couture 2010

Christian Dior Couture 2010

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Haute Couture collections are without a doubt, my favorite collections. They are the collections where designers can in short, do whatever they want! Creativity and the imagination rule these unrestricted collections. The icing on the cake is the anticipation of which lovely ensembles will be seen on style icons such as Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga.

So fashion lovelys, without further ado, Let the Couture Commence!
I must, must, MUST begin with Uncle Karl. This collection was absolutely LOVELY. Tweed, Patterns, Power suits, and Victorian inspired boots OH MY! As we all know, Chanel delivers a specific design aesthetic season after season: i.e. Tweed, The Chanel suit, and a classic color palette. However, this collection was a bit different, in the best of ways. The bold colors, the trimmings, the patterns, the array of fabrics and the twists on the classic tweed trench were a pleasant surprise. It spoke of an innovative, powerful and ever-changing Chanel. I ADORED THOSE BOOTS! Completely amazing. They took me all the way back to Queen Victoria’s reign during the mid 1800’s but with a modernized twist. This collection to me was AMAZING!
Now, for my favorite collection GIVENCHY! Riccardo Tisci was no other than, THE BONE COLLECTOR this season. He turned the human skeletal structure into couture with grace. The color palette is composed of nudes, whites, cremes, golds and it takes an exquisite turn with a deep chocolate, feather and leather ensemble. The fabric used to execute such a mind boggling collection were lace resembling leather, sheer, fur and feathers. I was completely in awe of the entire collection.
Alexis Mabille is a designer I have just recently began to explore. This couture collection was interesting to me, because he simply played mix and match with many of his pieces. It was somewhat like creating 9 pieces (2 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 jackets, 2 shoes and a gown) and seeing how many different outfits you can create. I loved the collection, however, it was so lovely that it somewhat left me wanting more. Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what else Mabille will give to us in the future.
Oh my sweet Elie Saab, if I were to ever become famous, and had to attend a red carpet event, I would be faithful to you and only you!
Without a doubt, Lebanese designer Elie Saab creates some of the most amazing, luxurious, mind shattering gowns I have ever seen in my life. The drapery, the color palette, the soft hand, the intricate construction, all pull together to create BEAUTIFUL garments. Upon reviewing his couture collection, I was in a mouth watering daze. Each garment in the ENTIRE collection was equally as wonderful as the last. I Heart Elie!
So i’m convinced that John Galliano took a trip to wonderland and laughed and talked for hours with the flowers for his Christian Dior Couture collection. Stephen Jones must have joined in on the fun because his head pieces were a dream.
This collection was completely earth shattereing. It was a 3D movie filled with illusions yet there no glasses needed. It was as if you were watching models bloom into tulips and daisy’s and an assortment of other flowers.
The garment construction was amazing and effortlessly executed Galliano’s vision. The colors were beautiful, from neon yellow, to lavender, to an array of tye-died creations, I loved it all. I also ADORED the fact that this collection was completely FROU FROU!

3 thoughts on “The time has come for thy season of COUTURE!

  1. Couture is definitely my next favorite next to simple Fall pieces! I must say that Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen put her foot in that collection! Ahhh to die for!!Ty

  2. Oh Yes!!! Great Post! JOHN PAUL GAULTIER: NEW FAVORITE DESIGNER AND MY FAVORITE THUS FAR. Givenchy's quality and tremendous beadwork in the gowns were amazing. No camera or video could capture the beauty in the work. DIOR's couture toured explosive coloring and wild decadence that captured my eye dead on (The final gowns were amazing). Chanel Couture gave me Chic grandma going to a 60s convention. But the overall presentation and the Lion was phenomenal. I love the ending of the show. But Jean Paul Gaultier/ Givenchy/ and Dior are my top so far.

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