Get Fit Trip: Day One

Disclaimer: In the process of buying a new camera. Please disregard my heinous cell phone photos. I PROMISE I will be investing in a new camera shortly.

On to the subject at hand.

So in my last post, I informed you all that I began to notice that I have been gaining weight. Nothing ridiculous, just a bit out of my comfort zone. NO ME GUSTA!

So, today, I decided to get up with mom for a little work out action. Mom works out in Nike Free sneakers, so we utilized the Nike app to see how far we went and these were our app results:

3.3 miles in less than an hour. Not too shabby for the first time in months.

I really like the fact that the app shows our journey through our neighborhood; pretty cool.

Mom also tagged me in her Facebook post. She’s such a techy!

I started off the day with a full bottle of water and a fruit cup:

Water bottle and fruit cup

I walked in my FAVORITE walking shoes. Now, don’t judge, they are not in the best condition, but I don’t have the heart to let these babies go. They are the best work-out shoes that I have ever owned.

New Balance Sneakers

Finally, I wore my Nike biker pants. These are the MOST COMFORTABLE work-out bottoms that I own. Absolutely amazing, and $40 from the Nike Outlet store.


I have a long road ahead, but I think that if I stay motivated and determined, I will definitely see results. I’ve never been too good at maintaining a workout regimen coupled with a decent diet, so hopefully with mom motivating me, it will stick!

Sweaty and gross after my workout

This Golds Gym Waist band is LIFE

Soaked Waist Band

Within the next couple of months, that waist will be WAY smaller

Another Before photo

 Stay Tuned as I document my journey to get fit! Tootles until next time…..

XoXO, Jada

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