Blank Checks and Bergdorfs anyone? They just turned 111

One of the top fashion retailers has turned 111! Normally with age: comes wrinkles, dentures and limited mobility. Luckily for good ol’ BG, in the world of fashion retail; it shows grace, consistency and, lets face it; a clientele with pretty packed wallets. 
In honor of the 111th Anniversay, Bergdorf is featuring tons of amazing things on the site! Interviews, trends, lookbooks- you name it; they featured it.
Want to shop trends? It’s only a click away.
Live, Laugh, Love, SHEATH!

Leather is the new Leather
What are we obsessing over this fall?
That Ralph Lauren dress, that doesn’t look like a Ralph Lauren dress, IS LIFE!
In honor of the 90th Year Anniversary of Akris; Bergdorf Goodman interviewed and re-featured their 5 question segment with Albert Kriemler.

Since we are on the subject of 5 question segments, I decided to also share my favorite two segments: Victoria Beckham and Prabal Gurung.

I honestly think that Prabal will always be my favorite designer. Not only because of his work, but more so his personality; or at least what he lets the public see.

That’s about all for now! Make sure you all take a look at the site; it’s amazing and you can learn so much about the history of the brand.

In the meantime; I’m still on this Christian Louboutin Daffodil trip, so unfortunately I won’t be purchasing anything before I purchase those. It’s always nice to look though. 🙂

Tootles until next time….

XoXo- Jada

Disclaimer: These photos were taken from the BergdorfGoodman site, and I do not claim ownership to them in any way.

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