#OOTD (Outfit of the Day) 9/20/2012: I Heart Vintage Dior

Hola fashion lovelys!

So, my wonderful friend Beatrice of HeavenlyGlow.net went thrifting when she went home to Demascus, Md (hope i’m spelling that right) to visit her family. She ended up surprising me with a wonderful new addition to my Blazer collection: A vintage, double breasted, Christian Dior piece. I immediately DIED! I wore it yesterday for the third time!

Below are the photos from that mini-op:

My latest Obsession: Instagram; follow me at I_am_couture
Enjoying the wonderful weather outside of my school. 

Loving this angle

Arm Candy: $385 Burberry Nova check watch, $5 bracelet from Starbucks
for charity, $12 spiked bracelet $3 Peace sign beaded bracelet, $22 J. Crew
braided bracelet and Priceless gold and jade ring from Grandma

My first time attempting a jumping shot!
This was so random. I was supposed to be in the meeting, but the facilitator wasn’t there, so we decided to head into the sun and this was the product.
That’s about all for now honeys! Until Later….

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