#OOTD (Outfit of the Day) 9/19/2012:Eura and I

So, FINALLY, Eura and I took a moment to randomly capture our ensembles this past Wednesday. It was a spontaneous photo op that ended up delivering really nice photos. I didn’t have my camera that day so I took all of our photos using an iPhone and it wasn’t until I did, that I realized how amazing the camera is.

Moving on, here are our OOTD photos!

Photo by: Eura Knox at the MSU Communication Building parking lot

Photo Taken By: Jada Hudson at MSU Communication building
IG Filtered, but still super awesome. Love the way the sun is gleaming
Finally a photo of Eura! It’s been ages! Check out the pop of Neon
YES! I actually do wear flats! To school anyway
Eura’s choice of footwear
My Arm Candy
Eura’s Arm Candy. J. Crew bracelet and reptile necklace
Nature! Love the background
I LOVE that “Gap” bag!!!!

Pulled hair back to feature studs
Express rider pants! Best part? They are OLIVE!

My ensemble consisted of a vintage oversized blazer, Express rider pants, a black H&M tank and Aldo “Cyphers” flats. I used to work at Aldo, so now I call all of my shoes by name.

Eura’s laptop is in surgery, so i’m sure he will update the breakdown of his ensemble once he gets it back. Notice that we’re both wearing Olive, purely coincidental. 

Random! I’m obsessed with Deadmau5 (pronounced: Deadmouse) right now! 

That’s about all for now! Until next time loveys!


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