Fashionable Causes: Hobo Couture Charity Photoshoot

I joined a meetup group called Fashionable Causes in Baltimore, and last Saturday they hosted a charity photoshoot. Anyone who attended donated $5.00 and the proceeds went to Children’s Cancer Research. It was a great event, in that I got a chance to take some awesome outfit of the day photos with Beatrice of and I also got a chance to meet the group for the first time, unfortunately, I couldn’t stay until the photoshoot started because Beatrice and I had to head to DC for the Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Expo, but I was still really glad that I went.

Here are my Outfit of the Day photos and a few other fun ones:

I’m wearing a black long sleeved top from H&M, Black Cargo Pants from Express, A leather vest with shearling lining from an estate sale, Assorted bracelets from my ArmCandy Post, Cyber lipstck from MAC, ALDO Multichain Necklace , ALDO Swarovski studs, CottonOn Sunglasses and Trouve’ Booties

Here are a few photos from the Fashionable Causes Meetup page. The following photos were not taken by me, nor do I claim ownership of them.

The Models are: Ariel, Sabrina, Salve and Victoria, Photographers are: AHB Photography, DLM Photography, and Michael T. Photography. Make-up: Roya

Top to Bottom: Victoria, Sabrina and Salve

Salve has KILLER bone structure and her eyes lure you in. She has such a beautiful uniqueness about her.

I Adore Ariel! She has this effortlessness about her posing. Her look is exotic and intriguing.

Ariel Again, I would have added all of the photos of this chick if I could. She’s Ah-May-Zing!

Next up is Victoria, I am LOVING this shot! The hair, the boots and the pose are EVERYTHING!

SABRINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is high fashion model written all over this chick. I honestly think that she could waltz into any modeling agency in New York and get hired. Her look is s dark and quirky, there’s no way that it doesn’t work.

The group (Left to Right): Victoria, Sabrina (top middle), Ariel (Bottom middle) and Salve

Overall, I think that the photos came out GREAT! I do wish that they had a few stylists attend, just to clean up some of the looks and make them look a little more “from the runway”, but in a nutshell, I like! Can’t wait for the next event.

Thats all for now

XoXo, Jada

Kim Kardashian: Look for Less- Classic Chic

Whether you love her or hate her, you still have to give it up to Kim K for her amazing style! I love the way that she constructs her ensembles. They always have this effortlessly chic aura about them. In honor of Kim K’s big 3-2, I’ve decided to feature the fashionista in a look for less post.

If you know me and are familiar with my style aesthetic, then you know that I am OBSESSED with classic looks/colors with a hint of HARSH, i.e. a seemingly simplistic ensemble with a spiked boot or a red lip are signatures for me. With that being said, I chose two of Kim K’s more recent looks that stuck out to me and are aligned with my style that would not be hard to replicate:

Taking her new Kitten to the Vet. I adore the ankle length pants.

Airport photo op. LOVING the Gold T-Strap Louboutins

Then I went on the hunt for items that are ALL UNDER $50.00 to recreate the looks: Enjoy!

Look for less: All White Everything

Click on an item to purchase it from the respective retailer:

Kim kardashian's Look for Less: All black Everything
Click on an item to purchase it from the respective retailer:
That’s all loves!
XoXo, Jada

Fall ensemble with Finds under $50!

Hey fashionistas! You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to produce a chic, high fashion look. Check out this look that I put together using items that are ALL under $50.00! I loved both of the clutches so much, that I decided to put them both in there to add a bit of variety! Enjoy!
Fall ensemble with Finds under $50!

Estate Sale Chronicles: Awesome Finds $10 or less

I went to my first estate sale last month and had an amazing time! Of course, I brought my fashion “other” Eura, who I used to blog with on HautenessCoutureious.Blogspot.Com, with me on my adventure. We started off at Starbucks:


My ensemble consisted of a White H&M Tank, Black H&M rider pants, Nine West Vintage Edition wide calf rider boots: $159.00, ALDO scarf: $18.00, Louis Vuitton Deauville Bag Retails: $1,600, M.A.C. Ruby Woo lipstick $15.00 and a Lane Bryant houndstooth cape: $50.00

Then, we were off to the estate sale. The clothes were outside and the bags and shoes were inside. I couldn’t get a photo of the bag/shoe room, but it was PACKED. Here are a few photos of the outside arrangement. Don’t let the surroundings fool you, there were tons of nice things:

Afterwards, we took a random detour to a park on my way to take Eura home, and this is was came of it:

To sum up this post, here are all of the goodies that I got at the estate sale, all under $10.00:

Mini Cross body Bag (No tag, Unknown Designer $5.00):

Leather backpack with Leopard print lid and gold buckle detailing $5.00:

Spiegel shoulder bag made with real Rabbit Fur (sorry PETA, didn’t know it was real) $5.00:

Shoulder bag, that I ended up gifting to Beatrice of $5.00:

Camel-Colored Leather and Fringe Blazer $10.00:

Leather and Shearling Vest $10.00:

2 pairs of beautiful Leather gloves (i”m OBSESSED with the black ones!) $2.00/set:

That’s all for now my loves! I didn’t realize how awesome estate sales were until now. I’m definitely on the hunt for more in the area, and when I do, I’ll update them to my “upcoming events” tab. Until next time….

XoXo, Jada

Satisfying your Accessory Sweet Tooth: Arm Candy [How to]

Everywhere you look, i’m sure you have noticed the colossal amount of bracelets, watches, chains and spikes adorning the arms of fashionistas. This gaudy arm fad is affectionally known to us as: ARM CANDY. Every time I go shopping, I am looking for cute, simplistic pieces that I can pile on to my arm candy family.

For those of you just tuning into the trend, I have decided to make this a “how-to” post to make it easier for you to build an arm party of your own by showing you how I construct mine.

First, here are a couple of variation of looks that I have done recently:

The one that we are going to work with in this post is the last photo.

The core of this arm candy ensemble is my Burberry Nova Check Watch : $395. However, any watch will do:

Then, I add my Spiked bracelets: $12.00 for both, which I just purchased from ALDO last week. I always place one above my watch and one below my watch.

Next, is my metal spiked bracelet: $7.99, which I purchased from “Fancy Q” in Arundel Mills mall. It’s starting to fade, but I can’t let it go. I had a gold one also, but Eura stole it. Anyway, I put this one at the very front.

Last, but not least, my braided J.Crew bracelet: $22.00. I always place her somewhere near the front.

Here’s a reminder of the final product:

That’s it! It’s so easy and really fun to see what kinds of combinations you can come up with. Also, if you don’t have a watch, you can use a statement bracelet as your core piece:

In my case, we will take my new chunky chain link bracelet from Express: $24.50

Just add a few of the previous pieces and it could turn out like this:

Or this:

Don’t know where to start, not a problem! Here is a list of great places that can help you start building your arm wardrobe across all price points:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Collection

Arm Candy Shoppe

Etsy: Arm Candy Search

Fancy Me Candy

Aldo Shoes: Bracelets

J.Crew: Bracelets

Express: Buy One Get One 1/2 off Promotion

That’s all for now, have an awesome time building your own Candy Shops.

XoXo, Jada

UPDATE: One of my readers, Sharnell, sent me a photo of her Arm Candy hookup! I’m loving her Betsey Johnson watch!