Mood Board for the Week: Black, Red and Spikes all Over

Mood board for week 10/14/2012-10/20/2012

Miss Selfridge peplum dress

Black club dress

Christian Louboutin peep toe heels

Clutch handbag

Kate spade

Tear drop earrings

Raven denim

Mac cosmetic

Shame[less] on Me!: Live for Louboutin

Just like most of my readers, I am a college student and I since I don’t come from an ostentatiously wealthy family, i’m deduced to buying what I want the old fashion way: Hard work and saving.

I have had my eye on quite a few pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for a while now: Daffodile, Lady Daf, Highness and Shameless. After much deliberation, I have finally decided to save up for a pair, more specifically: SHAMELESS $1,075











So, exactly how does a college student save up for a pair of $1,000 shoes? Well…

  • I have decided to put aside $200 for the next 5 months so that, by the time I graduate, I can treat myself to something that I worked hard for.
  • I have decided not to splurge on ANYTHING in the meantime.
  • I will give the money to my mother every month so that I won’t be tempted to spend it.

Viola! I should have my babies in NO time. I’m never really good with things like this, but I think that if I stay determined, that I can make it happen.

Wish me luck!

XoXo, Jada


Bold Dark Lip Phenomenon: Vampire Life (Giveaway hint)

Lately, I have been completely obsessed with the bold lip phenomenon. It was sighted all across the board in Fall 2012 runways shows from designers like:

Joan Smalls in Gucci RTW Fall 2012

Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano RTW Fall 2012

And, of course, in TRUE Tisci fashion; Givenchy, my love label:

Nastya Kusakina in Givenchy RTW Fall 2012
After re-visiting my favorite runway shows, I have decided that my fall aesthetic will consist of “All Black Everything, with a BOLD DARK LIP”.
Taking that into consideration while shopping yesterday, I purchased “Cyber” from M.A.C. Cosmetics. It’s a dark purple satin lipcolor and I fell instantly in love.

 I was so excited, that I put away my Ruby Woo momentarily and decided to go with my new found love!

 The best part of Cyber is that it goes with every skin color! My cousin was with me and bought the exact same lipstick. She’s a couple of shades darker than me, and it looked amazing! Stay tuned to my blog posts, because I have officially decided to give away a “Ruby Woo” and a “Cyber” lip color from M.A.C. details will be out within a day or two.

That’s all for now…

XoXo, Jada

DIY: Funky Nail Styles

Hey honeys!

So, I was recently on InstaGram (IG) and I saw this amazing nail salon that is unfortunately located all the way in Orlando, FL. I am so impressed by their work that I am considering making them a must-stop on my next trip to the Sunshine State. They inspired me to get my nails done and to see if one of the shops here in Baltimore could, possibly, replicate the design.

Here is an image that I snatched from the IG page Monalyn_Lim. You can also visit their website Here.

I INSTANTLY fell in love with the pointer finger pattern. I thought that it was chic, simplistic and I needed to have it!
So, I visited one of the nail salons near me. My experience wasn’t that great in that my nail technician didn’t make my nails long enough or pointy enough, but I was willing to accept that and let them just grow out.
When my designs were done, I was pleased with the work, however, it wasn’t “exactly” what I wanted:

So, I took it upon myself to head to my mom’s salon and re-do them myself.
First, I practiced on a nail tip, just to see if I could get a bit of practice in on the pattern.
 My design didn’t come out EXACTLY like the one from Millenia, but I was pretty pleased with the outcome.
Then, it was time to try it out on my nails. I removed the previous design and gathered the following materials:
Nail Paint: I didn’t have white, so I decided on silver metallic
A paint brush with a few of the bristles removed to produce a collection of fine strands:

A bowl of water:

 China Glaze “Liquid Leather” nail polish

And finally, a paper towel for the paint:
A placed a dot of paint on the napkin and lightly slid the brush through the paint and began placing lines everywhere in a symmetrical fashion. That’s it! it only took about 10-15 minutes, tops! When I was done, I went over the designed nails with OPI Top coat, and Viola!
The finished product:

I was so happy with the final turn out that I added a stripe effect with taupe paint on my pinky nail:

That’s about all for this DIY tutorial. If anyone decides to try out this or a similar pattern, let me know so that I can post your photos as updates to the post. Until then….
XoXo, Jada.

#OOTD (Outfit of the Day) 9/19/2012:Eura and I

So, FINALLY, Eura and I took a moment to randomly capture our ensembles this past Wednesday. It was a spontaneous photo op that ended up delivering really nice photos. I didn’t have my camera that day so I took all of our photos using an iPhone and it wasn’t until I did, that I realized how amazing the camera is.

Moving on, here are our OOTD photos!

Photo by: Eura Knox at the MSU Communication Building parking lot

Photo Taken By: Jada Hudson at MSU Communication building
IG Filtered, but still super awesome. Love the way the sun is gleaming
Finally a photo of Eura! It’s been ages! Check out the pop of Neon
YES! I actually do wear flats! To school anyway
Eura’s choice of footwear
My Arm Candy
Eura’s Arm Candy. J. Crew bracelet and reptile necklace
Nature! Love the background
I LOVE that “Gap” bag!!!!

Pulled hair back to feature studs
Express rider pants! Best part? They are OLIVE!

My ensemble consisted of a vintage oversized blazer, Express rider pants, a black H&M tank and Aldo “Cyphers” flats. I used to work at Aldo, so now I call all of my shoes by name.

Eura’s laptop is in surgery, so i’m sure he will update the breakdown of his ensemble once he gets it back. Notice that we’re both wearing Olive, purely coincidental. 

Random! I’m obsessed with Deadmau5 (pronounced: Deadmouse) right now! 

That’s about all for now! Until next time loveys!